Two of the most popular display monetization options right now are Ezoic and Google Adsense. When it comes to supporting publishers generating ad revenue from their websites, both platforms have a lot to offer.  

What Is Ezoic? How does it work?

For website publishers, Ezoic is a comprehensive platform. This website’s main goal is to give publishers the tools they need to use artificial intelligence to optimize their websites.   Ezoic links to existing ad networks, automate ad testing and makes use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance website user experience. It also provides publishers with access to top-performing ad partners.   Publishers can essentially maximize their ad revenue generation with Ezoic. Every visitor who visits your website receives a unique and personalized ad experience from Ezoic, ensuring that users enjoy their time on your website.   Without negatively impacting site traffic, you can raise ad revenue while also improving user experience.  

Is Ezoic a good addition to Google Adsense?

  Ezoic is not an ad network but a great addition to Google AdSense. Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to test display ads on your website, so it uses whatever ads AdSense is already serving on your site and tests different locations.   As users visit your website, Ezoic’s machine learning learns how different types of users react to ad locations on your site. As it learns, it begins to treat each user uniquely by serving the most optimal number and placement of ads for that user, preserving user experience while increasing revenue;  

Should Have Good Experience and Knowledge

  If users have a better experience and are served ads, they will likely click, and those click-through rates will increase, and so will the value of those ad locations.   Also, because the user experience is preserved (and even improved), visitors are more likely to view more of your pages, meaning they will see more ads and your content!  

Why Ezoic?

Are you a blogger or content creator who has put forth a lot of effort to offer your viewers something of value and you have a lot of traffic as well? If yes! Then you should be paid as a content creator for the time and value you put into your work.   The landscape of online advertising has significantly transformed in recent years. Nowadays, advertisements are everywhere. To make an extra dollar, it is simply insufficient to set a standard banner ad on your website.   Today’s internet users have installed many ad blocker plugins, which causes them to unconsciously ignore advertisements (or anything that looks like adverts!) or block them straight away.  

Make Your Advertisements

  To counter this, you should make your advertisements look non-traditional and place them in unorthodox but unobtrusive locations. Secondly, Ads shouldn’t be too few, nor should there be too many.   Additionally, you must keep in mind the diversity of your audience. It’s not a good idea to show the same adverts to every visitor. Instead, the selection of the ads should be influenced by aspects like content, search activity, age, gender, geography, and relationship status.  

Ezoic Allows Website Owners to Monetize Their Websites

  It would be impossible to account for everything. Fortunately, there are ad platforms like Ezoic that take care of all this work.   A publishing platform like Ezoic allows website owners to monetize their websites. To increase sales, Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to display the proper advertising at the proper frequency. This is a platform that concentrates on both improving the ad income and the user experience of your website.  

How Much Can You Earn on Ezoic?

On Ezoic, it is typically observed that the publisher makes between $12 and $18 for every 1,000 visitors. Ezoic most of the time, performs better than other ad networks including Google AdSense. But regrettably, there is no method to estimate your earning potential before using the platform. Although, the potential earnings depend upon many factors. These consist of Niche, Content length, Advertisement strategy, location, Global economy, and many more…  

It’s Almost Impossible To Forecast Ad Revenue of Any Network

  The reality is that it’s almost impossible to forecast ad revenue of any network. Some publisher platforms and ad networks could produce greater outcomes than others. The only method to check it is to apply it first.  You keep all of your ad earnings throughout the 30-day free trial period offered by Ezoic. It can only be tested to see if it works for you.  

Who Is Ezoic Best Suitable For?

Content creators or website owners who want to monetize their content with adverts might choose Ezoic as their revenue partner. Here are some instances of users for whom Ezoic excels, despite the fact that it works well for a wide range of users:   Bloggers: For bloggers and article writers, Ezoic is perfect. Ezoic is also recognized as a Google advertising partner which is great news for content creators. This platform also helps to rank your content.   Single-page web applications: This is also good for single-page web applications to increase their ad revenue.   Notable brands: Ezoic typically increases ad revenue by almost 50%. For big brands trying to expand and monetize through ads, this network is perfect.  

Ezoic Key Features:

  1. Serve Ads with AI
  2. Monetization
  3. Ad Tester
  4. Header Bidding
  5. Performance
  6. Big Data
  7. Video Player
  8. Easy Entrance Requirements


Ezoic follows the industry-standard NET-30 system which means you will receive your payment after 30 days (end of the month)   Payments are consistently made on time. Additionally, the publisher has a variety of payment choices to choose from. Among these choices are:  
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer through Payoneer
  • Direct deposit (for US only)
  Furthermore, the minimum payment threshold on Ezoic is $20 only which is much lower than Google AdSense’s $100 limit.  


Ezoic is becoming one of the most popular ad platforms in the market. To maximize revenue and UX, it serves relevant adverts to your audience using cutting-edge AI algorithms.   The fact that there are no contracts to sign makes it a fantastic platform. Additionally, you can sign up with less traffic as well.   And Ezoic is also best for those areas where ad revenues are generally low. You can almost increase it by 50-250%.

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