The Paleo diet is great for those who are hoping to lose some weight, but more than that it is a major lifestyle choice. It isn’t just about losing weight, but about feeling great and making choices that are healthy for you and that make you feel good. This guide will help you to get started on this rewarding journey to eating foods that were meant to be eaten, the way they were meant to be eaten. Topics covered:
  • Why the Paleo Diet
  • What is the Paleo Diet and Does it Work
  • The Importance of Developing Healthy Habits and Ways to Do So
  • The Importance of Accountability and How to Use it When Going Paleo
  • Tips and Tricks to Going Paleo
  • The Paleo Lifestyle; Bringing it All Together With Exercise
  • Meal Planning for the Paleo Diet
  • Sample Recipes to Get You Started on Your Paleo Journey