Facebook groups are used by over one billion people, but that isn’t the reason they’re so powerful and important. The reason? Engagement. Facebook groups are more intimate, they are more personal, and they tend to attract only your die-hard fans. They provides you more organic reach and a direct link to your audience. In this course, you will learn precisely the steps and methods to starting and launching your very own Facebook group. You will see how to make your new community thrive in ways that you could only imagine. You’ll discover the secret sauce that makes a successful Facebook group versus an unsuccessful one. You’ll learn about entirely new ways to use groups and reach your audience, and you’ll be able to start seeing the results in DAYS. The course will also teach you what not to waste your time with, and what strategies might be effective. We begin from 0. Assuming you know nothing about Facebook groups, and then take you on a guided journey, exploring facebook groups and showing you how different things work in it. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to set up powerful groups, create amazing content, build up more audience and grow an amazing business all on your own.